Saturday, January 17, 2009

Around Bangkok

The past few days we have been touring the city by ourselves for the most part. When we returned from Cambodia we had to make a couple trips to the suit place for Kevin - so we became extremely fond of the sky train. Kevin loves the train and will try to find any excuse to use it! So let me back up - on Thursday afternoon we returned to Bangkok. There was so much traffic heading from the airport to the hotel that it took us a very long time to finally get in. Once we arrived at the hotel we checked in and then headed out for one final suit fitting for Kevin. The suit actually fit him perfectly, but we didn't want to carry it around so we left it there to pick up on Friday. Kevin and I walked around and found a little Thai restaurant and a really yummy meal! We had soup, entrees and drinks all for $26! And it was really good. After this we took a tuk tuk to Katie and Sean's hotel to catch up with them. They are staying at Le Bua and on the 58th floor - its so crazy high! On Friday morning we woke up and headed back to the suite store. We had to be ready by 2pm for Nat's wedding so we didn't do much else this day ( I will make a separate post for her wedding next). On Saturday Kevin and I woke up at 7am and were ready to get moving. After breakfast we took the public boat down to the Grand Palace and completed our tourist duties. We saw the Emerald Buddha, tall Buddha, reclining Buddha and the Palace. Once we were done we headed back to the hotel so that Kevin could change into shorts and then headed out again to the weekend market. I really enjoyed the market, but Kevin wasn't loving it as much. He is already tired of shopping and we really haven't done any! I might have to get himand Sean to hang out and have Katie as my shopping partner. We returned home from the floating market around 5pm and got ready for dinner with the whole group and Nat's family. They took us to an amazing Thai food place that was on the river over-looking a new fancy bridge. Once we were stuffed we headed to the night market for a little more shopping (Kevin lasted for about 5 min with this) so we headed to a bar where everyone met up once they were done. Now its Sunday and our plans are to find a place to massages and doing a little more poking around the city. Tonight we are going out as a group to one of the Thai boxing matches and then to dinner! The big group heads back to the states tomorrow and our mini group heads to Krabi for the week....I can't wait for the beach!!

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