Monday, January 12, 2009

Time machine

We left DFW at 7:40pm Saturday night and arrived in Bangkok at 10pm (central time) on Sunday. The flights were non-eventful, which in my book is a good thing. Our flight from SFO to BKK was 14 hours long! When we got on I had to plan my sleeping schedule perfectly and luckily I succeeded. Two movie, two meals, a long 8 hour nap and bam we were there...well kind of. We landed in Hong Kong and just had one more 3 hour flight. We finally arrived in Bangkok around 11am local time. Immigration and customs were a breeze --luckily our luggage came out pretty quickly. It was so nice to have familiar faces greeting us when we arrived! Now we were ready!

Nat and Katie met us inside and walked us out to the garage where James and Sean had the VW van waiting. Its huge, and drivers are crazy but Mr James is extremely talented when it comes to manuvering the big ol van. We headed back to Nat's parents house to take showers and plan the day. Nats house is beautiful - and spo peaceful compared to the bustling city of Bangkok. Plus there is an amazing little chihuahua that lives in it too! Little Jumbo is so cute that I want to steal him.

Ok - I guess I am rambling and everyone might know there was a major event that took place, so I will try and speed this up. After we freshened up we headed into the city. We ate lunch at a little Thai food place in mall called Lily pad (or something) which was really yummy. Then did some shopping and Kevin even got a suite made (well we started the process). At 6:30 we headed across town to catch a dinner boat cruise. We were pretty exhausted, but ready for another Thai meal. We had to go down a set of very steep steps when getting on the boat - and that is where it happened. Kevin, Nat and I were already seated at our table and wondering where Katie, Sean and James were. We sat at our table for about 5 min before a lady came over and told Nat in Thai that one of our friends had fallen. We ran outside to see Sean being taken away in a wheelchair. We finally caught up with them while they waited for an ambulance --his foot was completed twisted the wrong way. It also kind of felt like we were in a movie because we were on the corner of the street with a bunch of locals, everyone was screaming in thai and trying to look and see what was going was pretty crazy. It was very hard to sit there watching him in so much pain. The ambulance came (James rode with Sean) and we grabbed a taxi to follow. At the hospital we waited to hear the news - was his ankle just out of socket or was it broken? The worst news prbably - it was not only out of socket and twisted sideways, but there was a fracture and he was going to need surgery. So it is Tusday morning now, 8:06am and Sean has probably just started his surgery. The surgery is an hour long and then he will be in recovery for 2 hours. Our thoughts are with him and we hope for a speedy recovery.

So that was our first day - pretty crazy. Kevin and I leave for Cambodia at 11:30 and will be in touch later!

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