Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Thai Wedding

We left our hotel at 2:30 to get to the hotel in time for the traditional Thai and Chinese ceremonies that we were invited to attend. Nat started the festivities in a traditional Thai dress - which was beautiful! All the girls loved it and hope she wears it to the Dallas reception. Every thing was done in Thai but Nat's Aunt, her sister Beth and a few others were so nice and would come translate what was happening for all of us. Basically the first thing that was done was a engagement ceremony. There was some tapioca soup passed around to the audience which i think it suppose to bring good luck and fortune to the new couple. After this, the tea ceremony began. Everyone from Nats family was called up (couple at a time) and drank a cup tea with Nat and James in the front of the room. They gave the new couple money and Nat and James gave them a thank you gift. Nat's family was pretty large, so this went on for a little while. After this was completed Nat was taken away to go change into her Chinese wedding dress. This is where the interactive part came in - everyone that had a gold necklace was asked to open the necklace and hold it out to guard the door to the room where Nat was hiding. Basically you all line up in a row with the necklace open to block James from getting to her. The necklace serves as a rope. He has to go through each of the chains and pay each of us to get though. The last set of people (which were her sisters) are suppose to be the toughest and ask for the most money. Once James has paid us all he can open the door and get his bride. This part was really fun and they brough extra chains so we could all participate. After this the tea ceremony contiinued with James family. All of this ended around 4:30 so we had about two hours before the reception started so we all headed down to the lobby and had some drinks and chatted.

At 6:30 the reception started and it was so amazing! There were so many people and so much food!! Upon entering the ball room you stop and take a picture with the bride and groom, sign the guest book and head on in. Once you get inside you realize that there is a live feed on Nat and James (which Nat didn't even know!) So we could watch her the entire time! Inside there was beautiful flowers, amazing food and lots of drinks. Nat and James greeted people for about an hour and a half (I am not sure how they were able to smile that much) then a slideshow was played. After this they introduced the bride and groom (did a lot of talking in Thai), cut the cake and the wedding stuff was done. Sorry I am getting short here but my hour is almost up so I have to be quick!

The wedding was so much fun and I will have to recap again in person! Hopefull you can get a feel for what it was like with the video and pics posted!

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