Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last night in Bangkok

Sunday night was our last night in Bangkok before heading to Krabi for what was suppose to be the rest of the week. On Sunday the big group went with Nat and James and headed to the Floating Market. Since I had done this last time and wasn't thrilled by the idea of going again since it was more of a tourist trap than something neat to see, Kevin and I opted out of this. We ended up just hanging around the area close to the hotel. We got pedicures, yes Kevin got one too. I also had mine done by a man-lady -- very exciting stuff. We ate lunch at this little place in Silom Village and did a little shopping. I ordered shrimp noodles with gravy thinking the gravy wasn't going to be a main component --oh but it was. It was hard to eat b/c we had watched that Dirty Jobs show on Discovery about the eel mucus (anyone?) and the gravy kinda looked like that. Soooooo...lunch was ok.
We really wanted to hang out with everyone since it was their last night, but we also wanted to go to a Thai boxing match and a Cabaret show. Our thinking was to go to the boxing, grab dinner, head to the cabaret show then meet up with everyone at Sky Bar later. We got the the boxing match a little late and only saw the last three matches. Katie and I really didn't think we would have wanted to see more than that, but it was really cool and I wish we could have seen more. Definitely a must if you go visit.
Next we headed to dinner. We found a place that had couches to sit on which was perfect for Sean and his leg. The food was good, but at the end I got a sudden sick feeling which stuck with me and is the reason why we are leaving early--but back to that night. So after dinner we went to the cabaret show where it was all lady boys that performed. Oh it was very interesting. Lots of makeup and little outfits. They all were lip-singing, which was funny because it was English....so it was fairly obvious that it was lip-singing. Overall a fun show, as long as you aren't trying to keep yourself from fainting/throwing up or wondering why your left arm has gone numb. Soooo we didn't make it to see the rest of the group. Kevin and I headed back to the Hotel and hoped that I would feel better in the morning. Pics to come later....

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  1. If I were there with you guys I would have got the kind of noodles that you liked..Sorry :(